Church covenant

Westbury Baptist Church was founded in 1947 by some members of Tyndale Baptist Church. The founding members bound themselves in a Covenant to serve God in Westbury-on-Trym. All new members of our church sign our Covenant when they join.

All members renew their Covenant in a special service each year on the Sunday nearest to our church anniversary.

The original Covenant document (pictured) hangs in the church and reads:

Westbury Baptist Church, Bristol
Church Covenant

We, the foundation members of the Westbury-on-Trym Baptist Church

Remembering that when God had redeemed His people Israel from the bondage of the Egyptians He made a covenant with them whereby He became their God and they His people,

And recalling that when this same people had broken this covenant God promised that He would make a new covenant with them, written in their hearts with forgiveness of sins and knowledge of Him,

And believing that the promise of this new covenant was fulfilled in the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ in His death on the cross and in His glorious resurrection,

Do solemnly covenant together that we will respond to this His great love toward us, “in repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ”, by

  1. maintaining in this place the ministry of the Word and observance of the Ordinances;
  2. walking in obedience to Christ as His will is made known to us by the Holy Spirit,
  3. and setting ourselves to extend His Kingdom throughout the world, in fellowship with the whole Church and over the whole range of life, personal, social, economic and international;

in token whereof we pledge ourselves

  1. to faithful attendance at Divine Worship, whereby we give to God the glory which is His due and receive His gifts of grace;
  2. to the regular practice of prayer and meditation, whereby we gain an understanding of God’s will and the strength to perform the same;
  3. to loyal support of the work and witness of His Church by personal service and conscientious giving;

Whereto we set our hand this twentieth day of April 1947

(signed by the founding members of the church)