167th Scouts

Every term a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) is held. The programme for the term is planned, news of members of the patrols is shared and the Leaders and the Patrol Leaders discuss any events happening outside of a Troop night eg hikes, camps, etc.

Some of the things we have done recently include:

First Aid; Fires (lighting them and cooking on them); Bivouacking; Cooking (for fun and as a competition); Map skills; Sailing; PL evenings.; Games – Plenty of games!; Getting out and about around Westbury (for both scavenger hunts and quiz’s); Trading Post – all about running a business within your patrol; Wide Games on the Downs; Canoeing; Parties; Archery; Climbing; Patrol Challenges; Assault Course; Caving; Earning Badges – if that’s your thing (see note below); Pitching tents; Throwing Arrows (on the Downs again); Horse Riding; Playing Puddocks (a little bit like Rounders); Hiking; Backwoods Cooking; Air Rifle Shooting; Cake decorating; Easter Eggstravaganza; Camping.; And so much more…

We also experience other cultures in various different ways.

Badges: In the Scout Troop no-one is forced to earn badges if they don’t want to; but for those who want to earn badges they will get all the support that we can give.

Camps: We promise (guarantee!) that at least one camp per year will be organised. In fact we normally have about three or four Camps per year. No one is forced to go but those who do have been very complementary about camps and almost always want to go again.

What happens after?

As Scouts come to the end of their time in the Scout section (about 14ish) we introduce them to some members of the Explorer Unit. Explorers do similar things to Scouts and a few more besides…

Get in touch: Whether you’re looking for music or mud, craft or camping, boats or badges; Scouting fits the bill; so email the scouts  (167thscouts©gmail•com)  !