Some of the people who are employed or appointed by the church are:-

⇒ James Watson - our student Minister

⇒ Zoe Spurgeon - our Children & Families Leader

⇒ David Hughes - our Church Secretary

⇒ Annie Somerville - our Church Administrator

⇒ Phillip Corbin - our Church Treasurer

⇒ Hillary Jones - our Church caretaker

⇒ Linda Gilmour - our Refresh cafe team leader

⇒ The Pastoral Care team - Liz Dawson, Tim Gilmour, Zoe Spurgeon, James Watson

⇒ The Deacons - Kate Caple, Phillip Corbin, Ian Dawson, Phil Heard, David Hughes, David Murray, Howard Nuttall, Alison Peck, Margaret Pinnock,      Helen Potter & James Thorp.