Sunday Evenings

Sunday evening services offer a time to worship in many different ways. We usually gather at 6.30pm for about an hour, either in the Sanctuary or in the foyer for a less formal gathering, although once a month we hold a Praise service at 3pm.

Evening Services include: "At the King's Table" which is a Communion service; "Food for Thought" where we have a discussion over a meal; "The Engine Room", which is a service centered on prayer;  & "Praise @ 3" , where we join together in music & worship followed by tea. 

Within this general pattern, there is room for many kinds of worship. From time to time, we have a Taizé service or a Gospel service, Songs of Praise, a film evening or a youth led service. We hope that people will be able to engage in different ways as we seek to come close to God in worship. The evening services offer people the opportunity to participate in prayer, reflection on scripture and discussion of issues in a way that is not possible in the larger morning service.

Throughout the year & particularly during Advent & at Easter, there are opportunities to join with Baptists from other churches in our local Cluster. In addition, there are occasionally joint services with local churches of other denominations in CTWA. These are ways of building and strengthening relationships with other Christians in our area.

Sunday 3rd September - Evening Order of Service


Opening Prayer - (BPW 27)

Hymn:  Longing for light, we wait in darkness.

  • Responsive Reading: Psalm 86 (BPW 685)
  • Prayer & Lord’s Prayer

Hymn: You gave us, Lord, by word and deed (BPW 89)

 Scripture ReadingsJeremiah 20:7-13 & Matthew 10:1-10; 24-27   

Hymn:  Open this book (BPW 103)

  • Sermon

Hymn:  Will you come and follow me (BPW 363)

  • Prayers of Intercession

 Approaching the Lord’s Table

  • Prayer of Confession:

Merciful God, we confess that we find it difficult

to live Christian lives.

We are full of good intentions but are easily swayed from doing and saying what we know we should.

We are distracted by busyness and self-interest, hampered by lack of confidence,

and insensitivity to others.

Help us to turn our minds away from ourselves and our shortcomings, and to focus on you and your forgiving love,

for only you have the power to make us holy, And you, renewing Spirit, will do it.

Thanks be to God. Amen

  •  Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Sharing Bread and Wine
  • Prayer

Words of Commitment:

God of all circumstances and places,

when joy has gone from life,

when love has faded,

when peace is lost in the clouds of war,

still we will work for your Kingdom.


When lies have been enthroned as truth,

when unbelief has been crowned as faith,

when dishonour has received a garland of acclaim,

still we will work for your Kingdom.


When compassion is called weakness,

when gentleness is disdained,

when kindness is spurned as feeble,

still we will work for your Kingdom,


When your good name is treated in vain,

when Jesus is crucified again,

when the Spirit is denied,

still we will work for your Kingdom.


All this we promise,

And from full and thankful hearts,

But only dare to promise

In the confidence that you are by our side.

Hymn:  God of Grace and God of Glory (BPW 572)





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