Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday morning worship begins at 10:30am and normally finishes by 11:45am. This is the heartbeat of all we do; a chance to gather as God’s people and share our life together before him!

Our worship service includes songs, prayers, Bible readings and preaching. During part of the service we provide a crèche and various children’s groups in other parts of the building. These are staffed by members of the church family.

Once the service has finished there is always an opportunity to pray with someone if wanted, and to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee!

We generally share communion on the third Sunday of each month.

Sunday 22nd July @ 10.30am:

Morning service led by Rachel Corbin

Welcome and call to worship

♫ Song: (BPW 383) - Immortal, invisible, God only wise 

  • Prayers

♫ Song: The Fruit of the Spirit’s not a coconut

  •  Prayer: (Children leave)

♫ Hymn: (WT 26) Ascribe Greatness to our God the Rock

  • Scripture readings: Psalm 145:3-9  (NIV)  &  Exodus 33:18-23, 34:5-7  (NIV)
  •  Talk: The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

♫ Hymn: (WT 10) All that I am I lay before You

  •  Intercessions – (including Lord’s Prayer)

  ♫ Hymn: (with offering) - Hear the call of the Kingdom 

  • Blessing


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