Further sermons

The other sermons which were preached during the Discipleship series

Big Welcome!

23rd September 2018

A big welcome: Helen Paynter talks about three different encounters with Jesus from the Bible and what these tell us about who Jesus and therefore we should welcome.

Harvest Parade

14th October 2018

Zoe Spurgeon and Matt Caple use the story of Noah's Ark to give us some things to think about in our Harvest service.

All age service

18th November 2018

Zoe Spurgeon and James Watson share with us using the reading from Matthew's gospel about the merchant and the pearl.


10th February 2019

Being present: Ben Lucas uses verse 14 of this passage from John to start a conversation about how we can be more present with God, how we can be more present with each other and what benefits this can bring to us all.

Tearfund service

3rd March 2019

Rest & Release: James Watson examines this passage which talks about the importance of the land as well as the people having a Sabbath and what this means to us in our modern day lives.

Parade service

10th March 2019

The calming of the storm: Zoe Spurgeon and Helen Paynter use this passage on the calming of the storm to lead us through the parade service.