Future events

Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th April - 7.30 pm

Holy Week Meditations

Thursday 18th 7.30 pm - Maundy Thursday Service led by Revd Eveline Johnstone

Friday 19th 10.30 am - Good Friday Service led by James Watson

Saturday 20th 9.00 am - Easter Saturday Meditation

Sunday 21st April 10.30 am - Easter Celebration with Communion Speaker - Revd Helen Paynter

Sharing food: a simple meal prepared by one of us.

Sharing conversation: an opportunity to engage and discuss freely.

Sharing insights on our Christian journey: how do we relate to God in all things and He with us?

Food for Thought

Come and join in an informal meal and discussion around a wide

variety of topics as we get to know each other and our God better.

6.30pm - WOTBC foyer

28th April

26th May