Meet the team

Here are some details about a few people who are employed or appointed by the church to do certain jobs. We also have a description of how the church works that explains how others are involved in various areas of the church’s work.

The Core Leadership team


Ben Lucas

Ben is now our new minister! Ben trained at Bristol Baptist College and his first ministry has been at Canford Heath Baptist Church.  He comes with a big heart for people.  His hopes are that, at Westbury, we will all move closer to our great God, closer to each other in fellowship and closer to our community as we reach out to them in love.  Ben was inducted on Pentecost Sunday, the 27th May, at 5pm.

Associate Minister

Eveline Johnstone

Eveline is our Associate Minister. She is a long-time member of this church.  After a career in teaching, and a lot of work here and with Lawrence Weston Baptist Church she was ordained in 2011 and commissioned for work here.

Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

Liz Dawson

Liz is our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator. She oversees the pastoral care team.

The Church Officers

These two deacons have specific roles to serve the church – and they do them well!

Cathy Richardson - Church Secretary

Cathy Richardson – Church Secretary

David Hughes

David Hughes – Church Treasurer

The Deacons

Deacons are elected by the Church members and serve for three years. In addition to Cathy and Phillip, they are currently:

  • Jenny Witts
  • Kate Caple
  • Margaret Pinnock
  • Penny Dove
  • Tim Gilmour