Discipleship series

Discipleship... learning together to follow Jesus

Foundations 1

9th September 2018

Life, Fellowship & Joy: James Watson talks about the first verses in 1 John looking at the topics of Life, Fellowship and Joy which feature in this passage .

Foundations 2

16th September 2018

Who are you?: James Watson talks about where we find our identity and how this shapes our Christian lives.

The Bible 1

30th September 2018

Helen Paynter preaches on Jesus's temptation in the wilderness which shows us how the Bible can help us in times of trouble and why we need to embed God's word, the Bible, in our minds.

The Bible 2

7th October 2018

Chinese whispers: Helen Paynter talks about Paul's letter to Timothy and how this shows us how we can use the Bible to be certain of the truth that Paul was teaching and preaching about during his lifetime.

Prayer 1

21st October 2018

Dangerous prayers: Helen Paynter shows us how the Lord's Prayer is a very dangerous prayer to pray and encourages us all to prayer more dangerous prayers in our day to day lives.

Prayer 2

28th October 2018

Wrestling prayers: Helen Paynter talks on Psalm 44 where the psalmist wrestles with God in prayer and talks about what we can learn from this in our own prayer lives, in our relationships with God and with each other.

Worship 1

4th November 2018

Rachel Corbin talks about what we mean when we talk about worship and how this fits into the overall theme of discipleship.

Worship 2

11th November 2018

Who, What, How & Why? James Watson talks to us about worship using Pslam 65 under the headings of who (do we worship), what (is worship), how (do we worship) and why (do we worship).

Belonging 1

25th November 2018

A picture of belonging: Tony Peck uses the parable of the prodigal or 'lost' son to share how we belong to God as his children, how we belong to Jesus as his disciples and how we belong in community to each other.

Belonging 2

2nd December 2018

Helen Paynter uses Paul's letter to the Corinthians, addressing the lack of unity in the early church, to remind us how we are all one body in Christ and how through baptism we fully enter into this body.

Giving 1

16th December 2018

Helen Paynter talks on the passage in Exodus where the tabernacle is originally built to illustrate what should inspire our giving, where our 'possessions' ultimately come from and how this should affect us.

Giving 2

30th December 2018

James Watson uses the passage on our treasures from the 'Sermon on the Mount' to illustrate his point in our second talk on giving.

Serving 1

6th January 2019

Gifts, Services & Activities: Helen Paynter uses these three words to talk about how we should be serving God in our Christian lives

Serving 2

13th January 2019

Free to serve: Tony Peck talks about how through our service we are set free but then also how we should respond to this freedom.

Holiness 1

20th January 2019

Helen Paynter uses this passage from the 'Sermon on the Mount' to talk about Jesus' challenges throughout this passage and talks about how we should respond to this challenge.

Holiness 2

27th January 2019

The gift of confession: James Watson uses Psalm 51, which was written when Nathan the prophet confronted him after David’s affair with Bathsheba, to talk about true confession and what this looks like.

All of life 1

3rd February 2019

James Watson uses this passage from Proverbs 31 talking about the capable wife, a picture of a woman of wisdom, to show us what it means to live all our lives for Jesus

All of life 2

17th February 2019

Monday morning syndrome? Helen Paynter uses the readings to talk about what God calls us to in this world and how amongst other things this should affect our attitude to our work and responsibilities.

Sharing faith 1

24th February 2019

Life in the sweet spot: David Firth examines Psalm 32 which talks of the blessed life or 'life in the sweet spot' being experienced through God's forgiveness and how it is that grace of God that should spur us on in mission and evangelism.

Sharing faith 2

17th March 2019

Learning together to follow Jesus: James Watson preaches on 'The Great Commision' from Matthew's gospel as he takes us back through the sermon series and encourages us to continue is our discipleship journey.