Discipleship series

Discipleship... Learning together to follow Jesus

Foundations 1

9th Sep 2018

Life, Fellowship & Joy: James Watson talks about the first verses in 1 John looking at the topics of Life, Fellowship and Joy which feature in this passage .

Foundations 2

16th Sep 2018

Who are you?: James Watson talks about where we find our identity and how this shapes our Christian lives.

Big Welcome!

23rd Sep 2018

A big welcome: Helen Paynter talks about three different encounters with Jesus from the Bible and what these tell us about who Jesus and therefore we should welcome.

The Bible 1

30th Sep 2018

Helen Paynter preaches on Jesus's temptation in the wilderness which shows us how the Bible can help us in times of trouble and why we need to embed God's word, the Bible in our minds.

The Bible 2

7th Oct 2018

Chinese whispers: Helen Paynter talks about Paul's letter to Timothy and how this shows us how we can use the Bible to be certain of the truth that Paul was teaching and preaching about during his lifetime.

Harvest Parade

14th Oct 2018

Zoe Spurgeon and Matt Caple use the story of Noah's Ark to give us some things to think about in our Harvest service.

Prayer 1

21st Oct 2018

Dangerous prayers: Helen Paynter shows us how the Lord's Prayer is a very dangerous prayer to pray and encourages us all to prayer more dangerous prayers in our day to day lives.

Prayer 2

28th Oct 2018

Wrestling prayers: Helen Paynter talks on Psalm 44 where the psalmist wrestles with God in prayer and talks about what we can learn from this in our own prayer lives, in our relationships with God and with each other.

Worship 1

4th Nov 2018

Rachel Corbin talks about what we mean when we talk about worship and how this fits into the overall theme of discipleship.

Worship 2

11th Nov 2018

Who, What, How & Why? James Watson talks to us about worship using Pslam 65 under the headings of Who (do we worship), What (is worship), How (do we worship) and Why (do we worship).

All age service

18th Nov 2018

Zoe Spurgeon and James Watson share with us using the reading from Matthew's gospel about the merchant and the pearl.

Belonging 1

25th Nov 2018

A picture of belonging: Tony Peck uses the parable of the prodigal or 'lost' son to share how we belong to God as his children, how we belong to Jesus as his disciples and how we belong in community to each other.

Belonging 2

2nd Dec 2018

Advent Parade

9th Dec 2018

Giving 1

16th Dec 2018


23rd Dec 2018

Giving 2

30th Dec 2018