Westbury Baptist Pre-school provides a safe, caring and cheerful environment in which children can learn and develop through play.

We welcome children who are 3, or will be turning 3 during the term you wish them to start, up to the age of 5.

We believe that every child in our care is unique, an individual and as such should be given every opportunity to reach their full potential by allowing them to progress at their own particular stage of development. This aim is underpinned by the current national curriculum framework, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We were inspected in July 2015 and OFSTED reported that the quality of our provision was ‘Good’. They commented that:

Staff have a strong understanding of how children learn and use this to plan exciting activities that engage children and meet their interests

Staff are skilled teachers of mathematics and, as a result, children make strong progress with their mathematical development.

Staff promote children’s reading and writing skills well.

Staff interact in a very nurturing way with children. They always take time to listen and they provide reassurance when children feel worried or unsettled.

Staff have a secure knowledge of the learning and development requirements.

Teaching is consistently strong

Staff create a stimulating environment indoors and outdoors that they make welcoming for children.

There are effective evaluation methods in place that allow the staff team to reflect on what is going well and, as a result, there are constant improvements made.

The Pre-school is open five mornings a week during term time from 9am - 12pm. There is also an option to stay for lunch 12pm - 1pm. Children need to bring a healthy, nut free packed lunch. Pre-school also offers a full day session (9am- 3pm) Monday - Thursday. Preschool closes at 1pm on Fridays.

For further information please call or e-mail Vanessa on 0117 962 2338 or, or look at the website -